From the desk of Steve Sipress…

Steve Sipress

Dear Fellow Sharp Entrepreneur

Are you a serious student of direct response marketing?

Are you looking to elevate your insight, skill and ability to get, keep and optimize clients?

Are you looking to boost your income by improving your marketing and copywriting skills?

If NOT, then this is definitely NOT for you.

But if you are always looking to improve yourself and your business…

Then you are likely to recognize this as The Greatest Collection Of Marketing Newsletters Ever Assembled — and at an amazing direct-from-the-publisher price.

YES!  Dan Kennedy himself and his longtime partner Pete Lillo have gathered together some of the world’s best direct response marketers to form the ALL-NEW Elite Gold Crown Coaching Program.


There’s a high probability that if you’re reading this letter you’re a student of smart marketing and persuasive copywriting — both online and offline, and you’re 100% dedicated to your success.

Out of the thousands who received the same invitation to read this letter, I’m confident you’re one of the elite few who is serious about growing your business as the overall economy starts to turn around, while your competitors are content just to make excuses and sit around instead, complaining about their lack of success and satisfaction with their business and life in general — but doing nothing smart to capitalize on the opportunities of the new economy and end their frustration.

Since that’s the case, you have my utmost respect and admiration.  So I am not going to waste your time with a long, boring online sales letter. Let me get right to the point:

If you truly are a student of marketing and you insist on growing your business and destroying your competitors who do nothing new while the economy turns around, then what I am about to share is something you simply CANNOT IGNORE!


You know that there is no quicker path to success than learning from those who have earned the right to teach, and one of the most efficient types of learning media available to convey specialized information in a simple and easy-to-digest format is the print newsletter.

That’s why I’m proud to have been invited to work with Dan Kennedy and some of the world’s other top direct response marketing experts as a part of the Gold Crown Elite Coaching Program.

Dan Kennedy & Steve Sipress

Dan Kennedy and me in Chicago in 2008,
just after I became his Certified No B.S. Advisor

As a VIP Charter Member, you will receive not one, but 10 valuable marketing newsletters 100% Guaranteed to help you improve your marketing results!

At the top of the list is Dan Kennedy’s best-ever newsletter…

Dan Kennedy’s Look Over My Shoulder

Dan Kennedy Look Over My Shoulder

Look Over Dan Kennedy’s Shoulder and See the Secrets of a Million-Dollar Copywriter in Action …

Do you think, if you were invited into Dan Kennedy’s “cave,” to peer over his shoulder…

to see how he pulls his raw material, research, and thoughts together … to see the actual copywriting work he does, in every stage — first drafts, final work … to quiz him and get in-depth analysis of the “Why” behind the copy — the psychology, the choice of stories, the structure of the headlines, a thorough anatomical dissection of the work, in some cases line by line, item by item … were privy to results, both good and bad … if you were “inside” seeing copywriting that earns him a million-dollar income and produces over $50 million in an average year for his clients — would that sharpen your copywriting power?

For almost 10 years, Dan has been quietly publishing this outstanding newsletter for professional copywriters and all direct response marketers.  Each issue is at least 12 – 16 pages (sometimes more) and it is, perhaps, one of his most personal and “behind the scenes” newsletters where he shows, dissects and analyzes how he writes some of the world’s most effective copy for his highly-successful clients.

If you want to get better at writing sales letters, advertisements, emails and any type of marketing promotion, YOU MUST BE READING AND STUDYING this newsletter!

Dan Kennedy’s inviting you to look over his shoulder each month as he crafts his copy —copy that he’s paid fees upwards of $50,000 for—so that you can see, in action, what it takes to write better copy at a faster pace.

When you see Dan in action, you’ll discover two big-picture secrets that can take your copywriting from struggling to stellar … and learn countless tips, tricks, and techniques you can use to improve everything you write.

Secret #1: You’ll see how Dan pulls together his raw material, research, and thoughts into some of the best selling copy you can hope to find. See him in action in every stage of a project from first draft through to edits to final copy that’s ready to launch. See how Dan is able to write faster than any other working copywriter in the industry … and how these secrets can make you a more prolific and wealthier marketer.

Secret #2: You’ll discover how Dan lands some of the biggest paying clients in the industry, how he keeps as steady stream of new, outstanding clients coming his way, how he sets the tone of the relationship so that it’s successful for everyone involved, how he lands top compensation for every project he takes on … and how you can use his strategies to land your own dream clients.

With a subscription to Dan Kennedy’s “Look Over My Shoulder” each and every month you’ll learn new ways to improve your copywriting, including:

  • A bird’s eye view of actual examples of Dan Kennedy’s work in progress.
  • A dissection of each example, analyzed at the microscopic level so you know exactly why Dan makes the choices he does.
  • Principles, strategies, and checklists that go into the project he’s analyzing.
  • An inside look into the details of a top marketer’s life.
  • And much, much more!

Dan has agreed to part with this valuable information—information that could redefine your very notion of success—for the lowest price he’s ever offered it to anyone. Don’t miss out on this life-changing subscription …

Whether it’s a lead generation piece, an online sales letter or a full-blown direct mail campaign… whatever Dan is currently working on… you’ll get to see it in action, working his way through raw material, stitching pieces together and coming up with emotional and benefit-rich final drafts.

If you’ve ever written any sales copy then you already know the pain-staking detail grunt work that goes on behind the scenes.

Which is why feeding your mind with a buffet of Dan’s strategies, techniques and methods will help you unleash a flood of ideas for your own or clients’ marketing campaigns, as well as pull sales copy right out of your subconscious mind. Because there’s no better inspiration to write great copy than to be continuously exposed to one.

I don’t have to tell you, but simply remind you that just ONE little idea can help turn a losing marketing piece into wild success.

This is exactly what you’ll find inside each issue of Dan Kennedy’s “Look Over My Shoulder” monthly newsletter.

Here’s just some of the marketing and copywriting gems you will discover…

Dan Kennedy's Look Over My Shoulder

  • How to effortlessly and instantly flood your mind with more ideas on writing riveting sales copy than you can shake a stick at.
  • How to quickly transform ordinary sales copy into a very compelling sales offer, packed with benefits that connect with your prospect on an emotional level, planting the seeds of desire to own your product deep in their psyche. You won’t find these advanced strategies on forums or in books, but they are routinely used by A-level copywriters, giving their pieces maximum persuasion power. This truly is like having your personal printing press.
  • Powerful persuasion modifiers to give your sales copy teeth, infuse it with emotional triggers and create both an intense desire for your product as well urgency to act now.
  • Get rid of any price resistance with proper positioning. This goes well beyond your USP, and is much, much more powerful.
  • How to turn up the heat by beefing up your offers, melt any doubt or resistance, and create a white-hot urgency in their mind to take action right now.
  • Advanced ultra-persuasion tactics to make your copy stand out like a sore thumb… This is where most ads fall flat on their face. Using these foot in the door techniques will virtually guarantee your message will get noticed and read.
  • How to make your copy more BELIEVABLE by strategically placing specific proof elements in the right spots and in the right order.
  • How to stop playing Russian Roulette with your ads and sales letters, and get maximum ROI with each of marketing campaigns, using Dan’s streamlined process. While most people run their business with a “crapshoot” mentality… you’ll NEVER need to rely on a good roll of dice to get an outrageous return on each dollar you spend, making your advertising pay off in spades.
  • How to supercharge your copy and boost your response using “under-the-radar” persuasion triggers that work every time.
  • Dan’s “secret sauce” for coming up with unique angles and hooks to make your copy IMPOSSIBLE to ignore. Using these secrets of “suck ‘em in” copy, you’ll hold your reader’s attention and keep their eyes glued all the way to the order form or the “buy now” button.
  • Forget writer’s block and NEVER stare at a blank screen ever again. Using Dan’s SPEED-WRITING TRICKS you’ll always have an arsenal of tools at your disposal. All you need to do is reach in the bag and deploy them any time you want to.

I can go on and on, but if you’ve seen even a sliver of Dan’s work, read any of his books, or heard any of his audio programs, then you already know how valuable these insights can be to your business and your bottom line.

And how much more profitable ALL your marketing campaigns will be as a result of applying even a tiny fraction of these ideas.

And if for some strange reason you’ve never heard of Dan Kennedy or any of his work, then I invite to seriously explore this opportunity because of the massive impact in can have on your bank account in no time at all.

Here’s what Dan himself says about this program…

Dan Kennedy Look Over My Shoulder

Now you might be expecting a hefty price for all this.

And you should. After all, Dan charges his clients huge sums of money for the copy you get to see created from scratch.

Besides, if you want to spend a day with Dan, you’d have to pony up $18,000 and fly to his city, if you can even get in his appointment book. There’s a huge waiting list of people with money in hand anxious to see him.

So it wouldn’t be unreasonable to pay $1,000 or more just to get a glimpse at these Million Dollar campaigns.

At $500 it would be a steal.

But you won’t have to pay anywhere near that.

As a matter of fact your entire investment is much less than that, and you’ll get even more than just Look-Over-Dan’s-Shoulder.

Here’s the scoop…

Pete Lillo, Dan’s original partner and the publisher of this newsletter has put together a package consisting of not one but TWO newsletters from Dan, as well as several additional newsletters from some of Dan’s top students, each a Million Dollar marketer themselves.

Here’s the second Dan Kennedy newsletter you’ll receive in your mailbox every month…

Dan Kennedy’s Marketing Your Services

Dan Kennedy's Marketing Your Services

This unique newsletter is designed specifically for freelance copywriters, consultants and coaches to help you attract and retain the very best high-end clients.

Here’s a glimpse at some of the trademark secrets and strategies Dan has revealed in recent issues, the kind of stuff you can expect every month…

Dan Kennedy's Marketing Your Services

  • How to position yourself as the expert, the only obvious choice for your clients to help them reach their business goals. It’s this kind of positioning that makes difference between minimum wage copywriters and those who score big projects with large upfront fees and royalties.
  • How to develop the NUMBER ONE ingredient your clients with deep pockets will buy. You don’t have to settle for small projects with tiny checks. Even a rookie copywriter who has this skill can start getting paid top dollar for their work.
  • How to fuel your consulting/copywriting practice from the get-go.
  • How to develop “client control” and stop dealing with arrogant, unappreciative and pain in the ass clients.
  • The Art Of Client Getting: 4 types of clients and how to work with each of one.
  • How to stop being a blind archer with your freelance practice and hit your income goals. Having a target is not enough, there’s another missing ingredient in Dan’s bag of tricks you’re going to discover.
  • 10 profile questions to crawl inside the mind of your client’s customer.
  • The exact steps you need to take to STOP begging for work, liberate you from low fees and wrangling over fees, and lead you to ‘the promised land’ of good, financially strong, respectful clients who honor and value your work. And will gladly pay you TOP DOLLAR for it.
  • How to turn a small, single task assignment into a much bigger, better and more lucrative opportunity.
  • One simple copy technique you can use with just about any client, virtually guaranteed to bump response of an established control or get far better results from virtually any direct-mail campaign or website traffic.
  • Two hand-scrawled pages that were worth $120,000 in copywriting and consulting fees.
  • Secrets to getting and locking in MONTHLY RETAINER CLIENTS (NOW)!
  • And much, much more!

Every month you will get Dan’s trademark secrets to scoring very high-paying gigs, client attraction strategies, setting your fees, and much more… so you can earn MAXIMUM FEES IN MINIMUM TIME!

If you do ANY kind of freelance work, this newsletter alone will be worth its weight in gold to you.


The Elite Gold Crown Program is the most comprehensive Direct Response Marketing Newsletter package ever assembled.

More and more of The World’s Top Marketing Newsletters are added to the program all the time, and as a Charter Member you will always get the complete package.

Here are just a few more of the great newsletters you’ll be receiving…

Jerry Jones – The Direct Mail Profit Insider

Jerry Jones Direct Mail Profit Insider

Master copywriter, direct mail pro, and nation’s top expert on professional practice marketing, Jerry Jones was one of only five experts presenting at Dan’s recent $3,000 per person “Mailbox Millions Direct Mail Seminar.”

And now you’ll get the same direct mail secrets Jerry uses to build his clients’ Million-Dollar Practices.

Here are the highlights from one recent newsletter…

Jerry Jones Direct Mail Profit Insider

  • New Design for Direct Response gives biggest response breakthroughs in over 5 years!
  • The 5 Ugly Mistakes Most Business Owners Makes – With Deadly Consistency
  • Lazy Marketers’ Deadly Mistakes With Envelopes
  • Selling a Seminar? Copy and Strategy Leading to Million Dollar Weekends…
  • Headline Headaches – Solved, with Shortcuts to Success
  • …and much more!

…and that’s just from ONE recent issue!

Pete Lillo’s Legends Of Marketing & Abundant Living

Pete Lillo's Legends Of Marketing & Abundant Living

Legends Of Marketing – Dan Kennedy’s longtime friend and business partner opens up his 40-year vault to bring you insights from the greatest marketers and salespeople of modern times

Abundant Living – Pete shares priceless insights and tips on Marketing To The Affluent so you can attract and keep clients who will happily pay you the high fees you deserve

…Plus five more newsletters from some of the world’s top direct response marketers, delivered to your mailbox every single month, and more being added all the time!


We’re not even close to being done!

I have a very special exclusive Bonus for you, that you’ll get in addition to everything else when you order now and become a VIP Charter Member of the Elite Gold Crown Program…

My Exclusive Monthly Coaching Call

Every month, you’ll get personal, one-on-one help from me. Ask me any question you want about any of Your Elite Gold Crown Program content, or anything else you want help with to market your business, or just listen in on the questions-and-answers that other members discuss with me on this exclusive call. (*You’ll receive full call-in details by email when you enroll in the Elite Gold Crown Program as a VIP Charter Member.)

I conduct these Open Q&A sessions ONLY with my private one-on-one and group coaching clients, who happily pay me $797 to $5,000 per month for them.

*Of course, I can’t provide the high level of attention and support that I’m well-known for if I allow a large number of people to participate on these calls. So to make sure that you get the opportunity to get my personal one-on-one help every month, I’m going to SEVERELY limit the number of people that I make this Special Bonus available to. If you’re reading this, that means it’s still available – but I will remove this offer at any time and with no notice.

Put even ONE of the proven strategies and tactics to work for you that you learn on this monthly call, and you’ll make back at least 10 times your investment into this entire program.  Guaranteed.

In fact, your entire Elite Gold Crown Program Membership is backed by my 100% No Questions Asked Satisfaction Guarantee:


Here’s everything you will get as an Elite Gold Crown Program VIP Charter Member…

VIP Add To Cart

And if you’re on a tight budget and just want to benefit from Dan Kennedy’s copywriting and consulting client-getting secrets every month, then the Basic Membership newsletter package may be what you’re looking for:

Here’s everything you will get as an Elite Gold Crown Program Basic Member…

Basic Order Now

No matter which option you choose, either way I think you’ll agree that it’s a painless drop in the bucket and small price to pay for the all the financial rewards you will get when you start producing killer ads, sales letters and marketing pieces for your business or your clients.

I look forward to hearing your success story!

To your success,




Steve Sipress

p.s. If you are dedicated to taking your business to new heights while others just sit around and make excuses as the overall economy starts to turn around, you will LOVE receiving Dan Kennedy’s two best newsletters in your mailbox every month — as part of The Greatest Collection Of Marketing Newsletters Ever Assembled. I personally guarantee your satisfaction 100%.

p.s. You can subscribe to any or all of these profit-producing newsletters individually, but there’s no way you can beat this direct-from-the-publisher price.

p.p.s. Hurry — this offer is limited and may be removed at any time and with no notice.

p.p.p.s. Have any questions? Email Me